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74 definitions by omega greek

To be loud and or as annoying, for no explainable reason, in which your actions then ruin everyone else's movie going experience.
What's all that noise, oh those niggers...
Baby that's just their "nigger movie etiquette "
by omega greek March 02, 2009
1077 125
Caucasian women who date niggers.
coalburners love their velcro heads.
by omega greek February 14, 2010
975 158
A new nigger attempt at insulting Caucasian People.
Ayo, thirty years of trying to insult white people with honkey ain't working, let's try "cracker-ass-cracker".
by omega greek January 22, 2010
917 137
The act of speaking so loud, that everyone in the building can hear your conversation.
I can't hear what you're saying, because Pookie and Ray-Ray are being so "nigger loud ".
by omega greek March 13, 2009
931 151
it's the black one, duh.
I like jelly beans, execpt for the "nigger jelly bean ".
by omega greek March 10, 2009
849 77
Caucasian women who date niggers.
mudsharks love their bus niggers
by omega greek February 12, 2010
886 117
something that never happens...
you will never see a nigger working.
by omega greek February 25, 2009
870 101