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theories that contain the explanation of anything in the universe, ranging from something simple in our everyday lives to something vast and complex as seen by someone called Cailin, who swears that this is the only truth, despite the fact that nobody has ever heard of such a thing.
"So the reason why i can't even whisper bad things about why my neighboors is because they can hear me! even though, were 150 meters away in another floor,in another room, in bed,under the sheets, with the lights off,!?? Man your crazy thats a Linnie file!!!
by Omaro October 15, 2004
Any hispanic,mainly Puerto Rican or Dominican-American from the ghettos of NYC,who are unable to speak spanish,(thier own goddam language) because their ignorant asses never learned how,seeing how they were to busy learning goddam ebonics to sound cool.
"Hey that new chick Maria Salazar,she can't even pronounce her own goddam last name can you beleive that?I thought she was latina man."

"Yeah man she is latina, the thing is she a moya!"
by omaro October 16, 2004

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