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A description of something or someone that when totally optimized is still complete crap. The expression originates from the advertising campaign for Old Milwaukee Beer: despite the beer being only barely better that drinking pond water, its slogan was "It just doesn't get any better than this!"
John:"What's up with your front yard?"
Ben: "I know, I've spent the last three weekends weeding, fertilizing, mowing, trimming . . . and it still looks like a dirt lot."
John: "Another case of Old Milwaukee Syndrome, it just doesn't get any better than this."
by olsongt October 21, 2009
An expression that expresses the seriousness of a situation and a potential terrible result if a remedy is not found. Reference to children's Christmas specials where the plot centers around saving Christmas.
'If I don't find the bathroom soon, there's not gonna be a Christmas'
by olsongt July 19, 2008
A phrase conveying "I don't want to hear what you have to say" Only with jazz hands (a little shake at the wrist) the user is adding a little emphasis.
Girl1: He was like all trying to talk about his new girlfriend when I ran into him.

Girl2: Wha'd he say?

Girl1: I donno and I don't care. I was all . . . talk to the jazz hand about that nonsense. (Gesturing with an outstretched palm with a slight wiggle to the hand)

Girl2: You go sister!
by olsongt September 06, 2009
1. A backup designated driver usually employed when the the primary designated driver gets sloppy drunk.
2. A Space Shuttle made ready on the launch pad to rescue astronauts if their crew accidentally leaves them in in space.
1. Damn it! Ted can barely stand up, use your cell to call the rescue shuttle.
2. Oh Snap! We left Commander Johnson outside on the spacewalk. I guess we'll have to radio NASA for the rescue shuttle.
by olsongt May 09, 2009
Another name for Santa Fe, New Mexico. Also see Fanta Se. The term is based both on the strict local building codes (mandating adobe abodes) and the ridiculously opulent homes built by the trust funder residents. Other New Mexicans often go to the city to observe the unique mixture of individuals: those with incredible wealth, locals who hate rich immigrants, clueless tourists who want to buy overpriced turquoise, and crooked politicians.
Caller 1: "You want to go up to Santa Fe today? We can take the RailRunner. It'll be fun, we can walk around the plaza and pretend we're Texans!"

Caller 2: "Naw, I'm sick of the Adobe Themepark. Let's kick it old school in Burque. I'll meet you at Frontier and then lets panhandle!"
by olsongt January 11, 2009
When kitchen implements are not unloaded from the dishwasher because one isn't entirely certain where they are stored, and instead are left in for another cycle until someone else (wife/girlfriend) can put them away.
Wife: Honey, why did all the measuring cups and the slotted spoons go through the dishwasher again?

Husband (aloud): Oh those? Well they still looked a little dirty so I ran them through again. . .

Husband (thinking bubble): . . . and I have no friggin' clue where you put them so I just apathy washed them all.
by olsongt January 19, 2010

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