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3 definitions by ollyderby

term used to describe the small 'shit-atoms' that are produced in the act of farting
2 or more shatoms bonded together is called a sholecule and a collection of sholecules, a sharticle.
olly: have you just dropped your guts again matty?
matty: yeah, can you smell it?
olly: of course i can, i've just breathed in a load of your shatoms!
by ollyderby February 26, 2008
a collection of shatoms
that's a horrible fart, they must be sholecules, not shatoms. im choking on them!
by ollyderby February 26, 2008
'Suck Me Off Gob' acronym

To describe a mouth with lips not dissimilar to two soft moist slugs.
A mouth capable of some good gobble
'Brad's very lucky to be married to Angelina, she's got a right SMOG on her'

'look at those lips, i'd let her squat and gobble me with a SMOG like that'
by ollyderby February 24, 2008