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a slang word of british origin,this is a play on the words "preying mantis",but to mean a guys big fat man boobs in the style of buddah
"lawrence put your shirt on you preying mantits,im about to puke this chinese up,bitch"
by ollie deezee January 05, 2009
someone who constantly sprout lies to sound better
Steve just bragged he had a threesome last night,the guy's such a bullshit merchant.
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009
a word of british origin,this describes a hideous looking, fish smelling vagina.
i was all ready to bang the bitch but she pulled out a tuna kebab that knocked me sideways.
by ollie deezee January 04, 2009
to embarrass yourself in front of others,in the style of Larry David from Curb your enthusiasm
"did you fuck that sloshpot last night?"
"nah i curbed myself by throwing up when i munched her"
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009
an ugly fat women.comes from a combination of bloater and munter
did you see that fucking bunt?she was cracking pavements as she walked
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009
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