37 definitions by ollie

An exceedingly camp homosexual who dominates the gay community, spreading his cum among as many queers as possible
That Rodney, he's a real mincenator. Keep away from him Ken, won't you?
by Ollie April 13, 2005
With two penises, usually arranged side-by-side, each supplied protein shake by one testicle. Inconvenient for everything other than threesomes, for which diphernal people are perfectly suited.
Ben's diphernal, but he's two ugly to get two bitches
by Ollie April 13, 2005
term given to a peice of communication equipment that is intermitantly failing.
fucking site is interfailing again. please investy
by ollie January 27, 2005
the state of having to deficate so badly that a little bit's already sticking out. synonyms are: turtlehead, etc.
man, i gotta find a bathroom. i'm fucking dangerboxing!
by ollie October 23, 2004
The abode of ten semi-drunken university students who spend their life devising ways to play computer games more efficently.
"Man, check out the action in POD FOUR!"
by Ollie August 24, 2003
An increasingly common Spanglish term used in jest to label someone as a the illegitimate offspring of a slag and manwhore
Carlos, el bastidio!
by Ollie April 13, 2005
short for investigate
site interfailing please investy. thanx
by ollie January 27, 2005

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