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Fucking Repulsive Ignorant Scottish Pig
All Celtic and Rangers fans
by Ollie January 03, 2004
An adjective pertaining to either a fat, useless wigga git. Or just generally someone who'd sell their own grandmother for £2.50.

Also can be used as a general term for shit. Although it's usage in this context can sound distinctly pikey.
(in reference to pretty much anything cheap, nasty and distasteful)

That is so fuckin' Fred Durst!!

(in a rock club in reference to someone throwing some blazin' squad style faux hip shop arm movements)

Look at fuckin' Fred Durst over there! What a nobhead!!
by Ollie March 10, 2004
an ungroomed pubic region. see also bush, etc.
I got the hell outta there when I found out about her france in the pants!
by ollie October 23, 2004
Taleim Edwards'fictional term to describe people being 'eaten' back to life by zombies.
"Zombies eat you back to unlife."
"Unlife isn't a real word, Taleim."
by Ollie June 24, 2004
A cluster or gaggle of friggen idiots.
A Pack of Jackasses are blocking the front doors to the mall.
by Ollie September 23, 2003
Extension to the ubiquitous 'your mum' reposte.

Far more effective than it's primitive cousin, with no superior. The added dimension means that any further insult will sound unwitty.
"You fucking stink"
"Your mum fucking stinks"
"Your mum's yeast infection fucking stinks"

"I fucked your mum last night"
"I fucked your mum's yeast infection last night"
by Ollie December 29, 2005
An exceedingly camp homosexual who dominates the gay community, spreading his cum among as many queers as possible
That Rodney, he's a real mincenator. Keep away from him Ken, won't you?
by Ollie April 13, 2005

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