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to describe someone that acts like a spacker. often goofy, gullible, idiotic, sometimes referred to as an imbassile.
to be spackered: to be made to look foolish or a complete spaz and watched by highly amused onlookers.
an object that refuses to co-operate or work properly.
noun: my computer is so spackerified.
you've been spackered.
he got spackered.
you know when you've been spackered.
by olivia b April 22, 2006
similar to crap, fuck, shit, bollocks but more preppy mostly used by people who dont like to swear.
pupil1#: soz i just spilt ma coke and fucked up ur homework!!!
pupil2#: oh croc i'll have to re-do it, it took me 4 hours you know you wank stain.
by olivia b April 22, 2006

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