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1. (Video Game Series) The 4 game Playstation exclusive series with the first three (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (2002), Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves (2004) and Sly Cooper: Honour among Thieves (2005)) written by Sucker Punch and the most recently Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (2013) by Sanzaru Games after an 8 year break. It has had mainly positive success with scores above 80 on Metacritic for the first 3 and around 75 for Thieves in Time. It has stealth, action and noir elements in an open world where certain tasks have to be accomplished to complete the story line.

2. (Video Game Character) An anthropomorphic raccoon who is a master thief from a line of master thieves dating back to ancient Egypt. A tall, thin and handsome grey raccoon with black stripes who typically wears a blue shirt with half length sleeves that goes past his waist line, blue flat cap, blue boots, blue and yellow gloves, a leather thigh pocket on his left knee, a small leather backpack and finally, his prized golden tipped cane. He was orphaned after witnessing the death of his parents at 8 years old and there he met his lifelong friends Bentley (A green tortoise) and Murray (A pink hippopotamus) and together became the cooper gang. Currently 29 years old (estimated) and (SPOILERS) stuck in Ancient Egypt alone with no way back after Thieves in Time.
1. Person #1: Man, i'm bored with all these FPS games. Do you know any different games to try out?
Person #2: Try the Sly Cooper series out, much better than all that generic shooting.

2. Person #1: I swear someone just stole my phone, I felt absolutely nothing.
Person #2 (jokingly): Must be Sly Cooper.
by olirulz111 October 17, 2013

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