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the main one or top dog
the Godfather es el mero-mero!
by olga July 20, 2004
667 Dark Avenue is a chat site for the ASOUE. It's full of over-the-top fangirls, eliteist original members, and more tangled love lives than The OC. I'm not gonna link cuz we don't need more n00bs.
667 is teh sex. You can delete your account, but you can never leave.
by olga December 18, 2004
This word can be used as a way to express excitement, agreement, horror, or as an adjective (both positive and negative), an adverb, and even a noun (as a replacement for a swearword.)
"Hey-- guess what! I just got my Linkin Park CD signed by Linkin Park themselves!"

"That is SO stupid."

"How do you know what the monster looks like?"
"Because it's standing right behind you!"

"How's you're life?"
"Pretty damn eepy."

"Everything's going eepily."

"That little eepin' eep!"
(Note: while 'eep' can be used this way, most people prefer not to, and instead use the actual cursewords themselves.)
by Olga December 28, 2004
Another word for olga or beast, one of the strongest girls in her grade, and is good at the olga flex...RAWR!
No example for right now, edits later
by Olga January 23, 2005
-Noun. A close friend who you reguard as your equal. You will only meet one such Passcht in your entire life time. This individual known as 'passcht' is notoriously lazy as well as an avid gamer. They are usually found behind a computer or television, or found to be the cause of some sort of mayhem or tragic but hillarious accident. They find humor in gross, sad, misfortunate, and drunken incidents.
Passcht accidently lit his new Xbox on fire because he was carelessly playing with matches, but he thought this was so funny, he crapped his pants.


If there is one person in the world with who will make you laugh during the time of your mother's death, it is Passcht...he will most likely help you hide the body too.
by olga December 29, 2004
expressing your suffering while screaming feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, all out of kok
by olga June 04, 2003
an adjective describing a ugly girl that a guy hooks up with, runs into all the time, and would rather forget. Beer goggles usually involved.
"Damn chris, theres that dude--i mean shot putter--u hooked up with during orientation!"
by Olga April 07, 2005
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