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According to many people, someone who skates just to be cool, or someone who says he can skate, but he really can't. These people are heavily bashed by the "real skaters" (their opposites). Quite frankly, as a skater, I just enjoy the sport for what it is. I don't see how a piece of wood with wheels underneath can destroy or boost someone's reputation; it's just an object! I think everyone has the right to skate (even those that some call posers) because we should all just have fun. I'm not supporting "fake skaters" or their motives, but I'm just defending the rule that we should just do it for fun and forget the other stuff. Hell, this "poser" subject has such a big impact in the skater community in general, some skaters just try too hard to be original. once again, we should all just enjoy it.
Hardcore skater dude: look at that dude. he just skates around to look cool! what a faggot!
Me: Alright, man. We're not in control of him. Let him do what makes him happy.
Hardcore skater dude: come on bro! look at him! look at the Nike 6.0s and kr3w shirt he's wearing! what a fucking poser skater!
Me: Whatever, man. Just leave this alone. Let's go skate. Forget about your thing with the posers man. Just skate!
by oldschoolskaterfan1 June 04, 2009

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