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see steroids
Chris Redfield looks odd in re5.. i think he got a new haircut.
by oldschoolgamergirl August 16, 2010
appears in re1, re3, and the game that never happened re5.

also used as an adjective to describe when someone has been stripped down of all awesomeness and dignity, leaving them as a half made remnant of who they were before.
re1 and re3:

awesome just too awesome.


gamer 1: sweet re5, lets play!
gamer 2: yeah!
gamer 3: yay!

*"Jill Valentine" appears on screen.*

gamer 1: wth happened to her?!
gamer 2: Thats not Jill.. IMPOSTOR!! Take off your mask!!
gamer 3:*runs off crying*

seriously WTH!...and dont get me started on Chris....
by oldschoolgamergirl August 16, 2010

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