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an older and generally more revered version of the more unfortunate fatty bumsticks. An old person who though was thin in youth has put on impressive amounts of weight which his tired old skin can't support, usually resulting in man tits too, and the much feared zimmerframe made of titanium to support them, hence the veneration.
whoa there grandad, easy on the pies, you look like a fattius bumstickius
by oldkingcolejr May 21, 2003
noun, A tall 6"3" ish man of dark mediterranian reatures with a tendancy to dote excessively on younger female siblings. goes by the unforgettable name or the manical master nib
There is an odd man over there licking a young girl's shoes for her. she appears to have trod in horse shit. she looks like his sister. he must be an Old King Cole
by oldkingcolejr May 21, 2003

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