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Giving credit for something, usually a line of dialogue, use of a word in a particular situation, or a concept. Giving props to the person you just quoted. Popularized in 90's Usenet newsgroup lingo, still used occasionally by old schoolers in the know.
so I said to him, 'if you ain't talkin' to me, who the fuck are you talin' to?" ($1 DeNiro)

Screw you guys, I'm goin home. ($1 Cartman)

So of course, while the car is stalled in the intersection, don't I get cited for obstructing a fire truck. ($1 Murphy's Law)

by OldFart77 November 28, 2007
Music that makes you want to dance, sing, and party. Music that -doesn't- make you want to cry in your beer, look for a rope and a chair, or walk into the nearest fucking river.
(so-o-o-o-o hard to do this and pick a genre that everybody will understand, so I'm going back to day 1. Elvis. Ask your grandpap if you have absolutely no clue :-) )

Elvis Bar Music: Burnin' Love
Elvis -not- Bar Music: Are You Lonesome Tonight

OK, one more -

Old Springsteen Bar Music: Thunder Road
Old Springsteen -not- Bar Music: Darkness on the Edge of Town

OK, and just a little more current -

Fergie Bar Music: London Bridge
Fergie -not- Bar Music: Big Girls Don't Cry
by OldFart77 July 15, 2009
The inevitable delay when you are in a hurry, caused by the clown in front of you having issues with paying for their things. Very common in Walmart and 7-11, less prevalent in Home Depot or Cosco.
(drama person, pick one or more)
| why WON'T it take my card, I got all kind of money on it...
| OK, then try THIS credit card...
| Muthafucker, that IS my PIN number ...

Aw Jeezus H Christ, I don't need this Checkout Drama. FML.
by OldFart77 July 11, 2010
A gambling game, played with $1 bills. Players pick from a pile of face down, mixed up bills, and use the serial number on the face of the bill (kept private) to shape their playing strategy.

This is a consecutive bidding game where players "bet" the total # of occurences of digits on all bills involved in the hand. The winner of each hand is decided when players call somebody's bid. If the person makes the bid he wins everybody's dollar, if he loses the bid he pays everybody a dollar.

It's frequently played in bars, where the ones can usually be recycled with bills in the cash register, which eliminates any chance of memorizing/recognizing bills.
we were sitting around the bar, bored out of our skulls. Then somebody picked up a bill and said "Four Sevens" and the next thing you know we were all throwing 10 ones into a kitty to play liar's poker.
by OldFart77 December 01, 2007
To have made a mistake, to have fucked something up, to have ruined something or hurt someone. A shortened way of saying screwed the pooch.
I think they're gonna fire Billy, he pooched it big time on that lunch order.

I don't think I'll be calling Vicki again, I really pooched it when she busted my lying to her.
by OldFart77 April 16, 2007
The extra viewfinder now found on the front of digital cameras. It exists for those who can't get through a day without taking a picture of themselves.
D: Did you see April's new camera, it's got the Lo'steem Screen that's the latest feature

B: Oh shit, now EVERY picture of her vain ass will be perfectly composed.

D: Yep. No more editing out the bad ones, she'll have more time left to tell us how hot she is.
by OldFart77 December 25, 2010
The essentials for watching a particular event. A "bag chair" is a folding, portable camp chair that can be taken anywhere and set up instantly, your "beer" is your relaxation beverage of choice.

When an event promises to be interesting and worth watching, you go get your bag chair and a beer, then settle in and observe!
Ralph: Boss just found out about Ed leaving early the last couple days, he's looking for him to chew his ass out.

Ed: Oh-h-h-h-h I gotta see this!

Ralph: Yep, gonna get my bag chair and a beer ...

- - - - - - - -

T: Oh man, I think Jen and Amy are all drunked up and checking each other out

E: M-m-m-m-m they'll be sneaking off and going at it before you know it

T: Yep. Gotta get my bag chair and a beer ...
by OldFart77 November 07, 2010

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