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2 definitions by old dirty

Executing a Cleveland Steamer from a great distance above the intended victim. This will enable the log to hang and swing with the grace of a chandelier in a cheap horror movie, before plummeting to it’s death.

The Shanghai Steamer’s can be executed in a public handicap bathroom stall by standing on the side hand rails.

The Shanghai Steamer is great for turd diving Olympics.

The Shanghai Steamer is also used for implementing the upper decker.
After being fired, I ape hanged in the bathroom and gave my former employer a Shanghai Steamer to remember me by.
by Old Dirty November 11, 2004
aintcha is high quality girl. Derived from the phrase 'Aren't you just a fine looking girl'
Last night I let some aintcha swallow my wood
by old dirty February 16, 2003