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The very slow, yet rapid course of time in which you may find yourself reading and creating these definitions for words that quite simply seem to be the most hilarious thing you've seen in a recent while. (The word "egg" for example, let it sink in if you are high at the moment)

Contrary to popular belief, you will not be "raiding" the kitchen, and refrigerator, rather, you will likely see a Quiznos commercial which will either A) Remind you of the cold cuts you have in your refrigerator and proceed to make yourself 5 sandwiches, as you will not be able to tell when you're "full", or B) you will immediately rush to the nearest Taco Bell, because at one point you will forget why you got in the car, at which point a Taco Bell will present itself along any major highway.

You will be less likely to go to the movie theater, as instead your first person experiences will be as if you are viewing yourself through a television set, so watching movies will only cause you to lose control of yourself, as you will be uncertain of whether you're watching a movie, or whether you're watching a movie of a person watching a movie. (That person, being you)

You will giggle when I remind you of the word "egg", and that will cause you to go onto some intellectual brainstorm about things completely unrelated to eggs, such as poison dart frogs, discovery channel's Deadliest Catch, or how you managed to read all of this definition.
Guy 1 : Dude, have you ever wondered about how the universe will end one day?

Guy 2 : Hell yes I'll go for some pizza.

*A frequent conversation between stoned guys*
by okmijnuhbygvtfcrdxesz July 04, 2009

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