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For the past 13 years of my life, i never liked them. Its like preppy meets hardcore(for them which in real life its pop) Like a another band name for those poppy boy bands you heard on mtv. I guess wtf went wrong with the backstreet boys a.k.a. good charlotte.
person 1-i like love Good Charlotte!!!!THEY HAVE A REASON TO WHINEE!!!
me-wow, you have not heard real music.
by okkk June 13, 2006
Here are some misconsessions with age groups

Middle School kids.
You will rarely find a true prep between these ages. Well, at my school I never did. They thik that Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and Hollister are the true clothing stores for preps. They try and act ditzy so thats what they think what they should act. And, commounly use the word like and OMG! They dont like the classic style they go for What's hot and which one makes me look cute. So basically, if you are a tru prep and you in Middle School. Then, I say good luck for you.

High School.
This is where you'll find more true preps. There are fakes, but more because they might understand the concep a little more then middle school. There isn't as much too say about this group except a true prep:
a.)does not go to the mall stores
b.)uses a classy style not what's new and hot
c.)this is a iffy dont pop the collar
d.)aren't ditzy or bossy
e.)dont make fun of the other social groups
f.)never label themselves
fake prep-LIKE OMG!!! you should the HOLLISTER jeans their hot not old
real prep's response-HOLLISTER is place where true ladies never go
by okkk June 14, 2006
If everyone was a vegan, humans wouldn't be here today. Meat is healthy for you, we're part of the food chain too, get over it.
Some morons these days...
by okkk June 15, 2003

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