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A unit of liquid measurement equal to the average human male ejaculatory volume of 3.5mL. It is a standardized unit to compare to a squirt, which is similar in volume but is an approximation based on perception and that varies in each application.

The average 12-oz. soda can contains approximately 100 nuts of soft drink. The average condiment packet contains 1-2 nuts (chik-fil-a mayo is usually ~4 nuts, for example).

subway emp: You want mustard or mayo on your sandwich, sir?
customer: both
emp: (throws some down) is this enough, sir?
customer: can you put another nut of mustard please?
emp: ok sure
by okipatrick January 07, 2007
(kuh-bahn') v. To eat a large amount of food in as short of a time as possible. Synonym of manjit or devour, cabanning is a localized Denver term. Usually used when someone's eating speed comes as no surprise to present company.
(actually heard in convo)
1: Wow you cabanned the FUCK out of that sandwich!
2: What? I was f'in hungry yo!
1: Yeah maybe, but holy shit!
by okiPatrick November 24, 2006

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