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(verb) also zodified, zodifying, zodifies.
1) To create or enhance a game or application so that it can use all or many of the capabilities of the Tapwave Zodiac.
2) To enhance and simplify through the use of the Tapwave Zodiac's many features.
See also Zodified.
1) A developer will zodify a game or application so that it can utilize the Zodiac's:

a. High resolution 2d/3d graphics capabilities on the 480x320 16-bit color display,
b. True analog controller,
c. Stereo sound,
d. Multiplayer capabilities using Bluetooth or Wifi SD card,
e. Rumble effects, and/or
f. Touchscreen controls.

2) A person who carries a pda, portable video player, portable music player, and a gaming handheld with them should zodify their life, because with the Zodiac as an optimized replacement, they can still get organized, play videos, share photos, play music, play games, read ebooks, and be productive.
by OKE March 25, 2005
(past participle)
1) enhanced for the Tapwave Zodiac
2) enhanced by using the Tapwave Zodiac.
See also Zodify.
1) Zodified games such as Galactic Realms: Into the Void, SpyHunter, Madden 2005, or ZDoomz, and applications such as Pocket Tunes, ZLauncher, and Inkstorm take advantage of the full 480x320 screen, stereo speakers, analog controller, and/or the 3D graphics engine, etc., of the Tapwave Zodiac.
2) The lives of many Zodiac owners have been zodified!
by OKE March 25, 2005
a madman's most prized and th'cratched possession, also one of the main reasons why da fanokie wuvs him
when da maddick is off da yahoo, da fanokie throws a hissy fit
by oke December 11, 2004
A remarkable creature with superior aiming ability
A fanokie thrives when allowed to hold da maddick while it pees. Fanokies are famous for using a peeing dick for writing Shakespeare prose in the water, eg. Maddick, Maddick, wherefore art thou, oh Maddick!
by oke December 12, 2004

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