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Fun ass shit! We all love it!
UMMM in Airdrie there is nothin better to do! Plus you get more bitches when ur drunk!
by oilerfan1 November 25, 2004
A tranny-whore.

Or a girl that has to be a fuckin guy.
Man, look at the fuckin shimshamy bitch.

That hoe must be a shimsham.
by oilerfan1 November 25, 2004
A cool kid, but he should be baggin his girl by now!
Man Zach Mckee has the smallest dick I've ever heard of, and he once told me that his austraillian friend Aaron (SCRAGS)wanted to be in the same room as him the first time HE FUCKED! haha
by oilerfan1 November 25, 2004
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