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1) to go on a verbal tyrade that has no logic or sense or basis in fact,

2) to tell endless lies with no overall purpose

3) to lose your shit,

4) to go fucking nuts,

all while waiving your arms and having a crazy-ass look in your eye
Dude#1: How did you break-up with Bambi go last night

Dude#2: Dude, it didnt go well, once I hit her with it, she went all GLEN BECK on my ass, speaking in tounges and waiving her arms like she was on fire. Bitch be loco.
by oilcan905 October 07, 2009
to rudely interrupt another person
dude, I wash chattin up dis honey when Holmes came over and Kanye-d me, stole my thunder.
by oilcan905 September 17, 2009
the act of transposing letters or numbers
Dude I tried to remember that chicks telephone number but somehow I must have dyslexified them. All I get now is a pizza joint.
by oilcan905 August 26, 2009
the act of 2 people having sex while at least one of them is wearing a SNUGGIE, the soft fleece blanket with sleeves
I went over my girl's aprtment last night to find her wearing ONLY a Snuggie. Within 10 minutes we were having wild Snuggie Sex.
by oilcan905 January 15, 2010
Michelle Obama
that lady is obamas babys mama, ya know....michelle
by oilcan905 September 10, 2009
to totally loose your shit esp. when speaking on a phone to your former significant other. characterized by the sustained inability to speak without screaming as though your genitals were ablaze. Sometimes also characterized by being out of breath and breathing heavily into the phone like a crazed gorilla.
dude #1: did you hear that tape of Mel Gibson and his lady friend?

dude 2: yup. dude sounded fucking nuts, over the edge, like he went mel-loco
by oilcan905 July 13, 2010
to enable the automatic locking device in your cell phone so your swedish wifey cant find the list of ho's you been dialing up for some side action
tiger lock

holmes: i left my cell at home, shit. I hope my lady dont find it.

smith; you need the the tiger lock. after 10 minutes with no action, the phone locks, like fort knox.

holmes; awesome
by oilcan905 April 06, 2010

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