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"I Love My Daddy"
My daughters wear these shirts and when I asked them what it means they have no idea. As their father I thought it important that I should understand what it means since they wear so many of these shirts so I looked it up online and found no meaningful definition. Since so many people wear these clothes and they look nice the word should have a meaningful definition so I've created one. From now on, Aéropostale now means "I Love My Daddy".
I know my daughters love me because they are always wearing their Aéropostale shirts.
by oibeachnc September 11, 2008
"I Love My Mommy"
These hollister shirts are usually also worn by the same people who wear Aeropostale ("I Love My Daddy") shirts.
Dude, that girl loves both her parents cause she's got that Hollister shirt on today and she had the Aeropostale shirt on yesterday.
by oibeachnc September 11, 2008
"I love my mommy". This is also on a popular shirt worn by teens and their wardrobe usually also includes aeropostale shirts which mean "I love my daddy"
Dude: "My mom's the greatest so I show everyone by wearing my Hollister shirt often."
by oibeachnc September 15, 2008
Someone addicted to Texas Hold'em Poker. This person will drive long distances for a good poker game and will keep a spreadsheet of their overall wins and losses. This person will also watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN - even watching re-runs when they already know what is going to happen. They probably also have the special Tommy Bahama shirt with the playing cards on the back of it. They will send text messages to their other pokaholic friends such as "I'm all in !", "I call", "I raise", "I took you out last night", "I'm taking you out tonight", and "Loser!!!". They have their own special token they use to place on top of their chips during poker play and have a special set of sunglasses to wear while playing poker.
Dude 1: Hey, let's get JP to go out to eat with us!
Dude 2: No way man, it's Tuesday night, that pokaholic has a standing game every Tuesday.
by oibeachnc November 26, 2008
"I love my daddy". These shirts are popular with teens and their wardrobe usually also has Hollister shirts which means "I love my mommy"

Girl: "Of course I think the world of my dad, can't you see my aeropostale shirt ? "
by oibeachnc September 15, 2008
Teens of good character wear these shirts to declare "I Love My Country!". In the same closets of these teens you will find Aeropostale shirts meaning "I Love My Daddy" and Hollister shirts meaning "I Love My Mommy".
Teen: I will be patriotic on July 4th and wear my American Eagle shirt.
by oibeachnc December 13, 2008
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