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A really beautiful, gorgeous girl who has an awesome personality. She has a super nice body (especially the legs!!) and she's the girl who gets chased down by boys. Saungah also has a lot of very close friends.
Man! That girl is a Saungah! She is so popular and beautiful!
by OhyouknowwhoIam May 22, 2013
People(definition 1 and 4) tend to forget that there is more to the state of New York than just New York City and Buffalo. Central New York is composed of cities and towns that aren't quite "upstate", despite the fact that someone from the City would assume that anything north is upstate.

These cities include Utica, New Hartford, Clinton, Holland Patent, Syracuse, Oneida, Rome, Ithaca, and other such cities/towns.

There are many hick areas that also make up CNY, but even CNYers forget about them.

Definition 4 was close to being right, but seemed to be unaware that the CNY community is close-knit would not consider themselves "midwestern New Yorkers".
CNY- home of tomato pie, half moons, and chicken riggies. By far the best area in all of new york state
by ohyouknowwhoIam January 09, 2008

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