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A person named Ashley who is Trash.

A leech/mooch, expecting everyone to pay their way through life. If you buy them off-brands, they will complain that you're making them live a sub-par life.Refuses to ever help themselves, but blames everyone for her horrible choices.

Forces you to drive them everywhere & won't give gas money.
One who refuses to work. If they do get a job, they will not pay you money they owe for rent,gas,or food.

They will not pick up after themselves or clean. Is never grateful for supporting them, in fact they complain that you're not providing enough for them.

Will accuse you of poisoning their food and having an affair with her boyfriend.Trashley will also let you buy her hair dye of her choosing, then accuse you of messing up their hair when it doesn't come out right. As well as say you put chemicals in her shampoo to mess up her hair.

Their IQ is so low, it can barely be calculated. You wonder how they passed pre-school.
Girl 1: Who is that girl?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Trashley. She owes me lots of money, forces me to pay her way through life because if I don't, she goes psycho on me in front of my child.
by ohnoesman March 21, 2013
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