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A place where sexually ambiguous young japanese men work. In these clubs,they carry conversations with woman and get them drunk.

These men often dye their hair,tan,wear gaudy clothes,and look like the just walked out of "Men's EGG magazine" or the latest issue of "Host KNUCKLE".

They are the japanese Guido.

They are NOT to be confused with Gyaru-o. Although they are very similar in appearance they are nothing alike.

Host will even sleep with a client to keep up their attendance to their club.
girl1: "When I was in Roppongi , I walked past a few shops but at every other corner some sleezebag from a host club tried to get me to go in"

girl2:"Ughh.I can't stand those places.it's just for woman who need attention and men who work there probably have low self esteem"
by ohhitsmimi December 27, 2010

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