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1 definition by ohhhhhhhbby

a peninsula near annapolis, the capital of maryland, and also the more widely-known baltimore. it links to arnold, a largely residential area, and annapolis, a small seaside city. it's a very nice place to live with an amazing school system, though about 95% of students enrolled in Broadneck high school smoke weed e'eryday. it was an intense rivalry with nearby more commercial severna park. its most densely-populated area is Cape St Clair, normally shortened to the Cape, which is less of a neighborhood and more of a maze. it has a very active party 'scene' for highschoolers and students at nearby anne arundel community college.
kid1: dude, do you want to go down to cape to chill tonight? i hear there's a party.
kid2: nah man, i'm not tryna get lost in broadneck. let's check out severna park.
by ohhhhhhhbby April 13, 2010