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A Catholic High School located on Long Island. It has very strict rules, stuck up kids, horrible flight attendant-esque uniforms, REALLY stuck up kids, and a knack for spreading rumors. Everyone hates on one another and will do anything to save themselves from getting socially wrecked. Once you enter there, you change. Everyone is shallow and no one makes it out innocently. No one learns anything because everyone's too busy with gossip. The minds of the kids are controlled by the "popular" kids, so no one thinks for themselves. Quite sad, actually. Also, if you dye your hair, you can get expelled or some shit like that. No one is accepted unless you like to give head to stupid boys who are going to dump you anyway. In short, if you go there, you're screwed.

Also see: Hitler Youth, mean girls, Chinese water torture, Concentration camp
Girl One: i can't believe he dumped me right after school started! he was that ashamed of me.
Girl two: well, does he go to St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School?
Girl one: yeah...
girl two: hmph. figures.

Teacher: and so, Hitler formed concentration camps because he was highly discriminatory against all non-germans and jews.
Smartass student: so he went to St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School, right?!
by ohheyihateyou July 30, 2009

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