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a combination of concentration and spooging.

when men concentrate on cumming / spooging.

when men close their eyes and really give their fucking all they've got.
oh baby, you look so serious when you concenspooge.

he rode his lady nice and deep, concenspooging on the events soon to follow.
by ohfuckno January 11, 2010
the thing people do when they should blow their nose, but don't. bigger than a sniffle, so big that one must swallow their snot afterwards. sounds like a cross between loud snoring, choking, and coughing.

an appalling behavior that may accompany getting over a cold.

the act of swallowing a loogie.
"That man's snarfblasts make me want to vomit."
by ohfuckno May 14, 2009
1. A body conscious adolescent male utilized by men of varying socio-economical backgrounds for stimulation. Endlessly customizable, a TLB skill set typically includes: advanced libido detection, high levels of anal retention, tiptop spinnability, bottomless sin reservoir, hungers for it.

2. A tightly packed morsel.

3. A fleshy multi-tool reared to achieve absolute owner satisfaction.
Check out the TLB on the back of that Harley. Nice hogware.
by ohfuckno April 27, 2009
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