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similar to hell. it would be wise for you to never come here. there is no good entertainment whatsoever. unless you consider entertainment to be watching a NASCAR race on a sunday afternoon after coming home from church somewhere down the holler. no musical entertainers ever come here besides reneck country people such as... brad paisley, george strait, alan jackson, martina mcbride, the charlie daniels band, and the like. west virginia is a common place to find whole junkyards in a single person's front yard. west virginia is ranked number one in obeseity, pretty much the only thing we are ranked in. home to the west virginia mountaineers, an extremely good football team. also home to marshall university, a fact i am embarrassed to admit.
look at that overweight guy with hair coming out from under his shirt holding hands with his sister. he must be from west virginia
by oh_so_electrikk September 11, 2006

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