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Perhaps America's most recognized fashion designer, Tom Ford is best known for his time spent at Gucci. Prior to Ford joining, the House of Gucci was about to fall, until this genius came along and gave it a spectactular revival. Ford left Gucci in 2004, leaving it, once again, amongst the most prestigious design houses in the world. Many believe Tom has an obsession with sex in his designs--his time at Gucci suggesting this to be very true.
"Tom Ford is a fashion God."

"Yes, and if it wasn't for him, Hollywood celebrities might not still be carrying their favourite Gucci handbags."
by oh no she didn't! August 07, 2005
An American designer that started out unknown and unsure as to how big he would become. As it turns, out, most everyone has heard of Hilfiger. Unfortunately, he charges rediculous prices for his products, which are of poor quality. Unlike other designers whom have the highest of quality and one-of-a-kind designs, Hilfiger is nothing more than poor quality, urban clothes, that are annoyingly-plastered with "Tommy" or "Tommy Hilfiger" all over it. His lack of design variation (he seems to think red, white, and blue is utterly original) has made his products extremely boring. After the first two years or so, everything he's produced since is the same as the last, making fashion critics skeptical as to what his fans find so amazing about his designs (or lack thereof), and why people choose to wear his tasteless urban trash.
Hilfiger fan: "I paid $50 dollars for a white t-shirt that has "Tommy Hilfiger" plastered across the front."

Versace fan: "It must have been hand-made, right"

Hilfiger fan: "No, it was made in some sweat shop in China by little kids."
by oh no she didn't! August 07, 2005
A high-end department store specializing in the sale of designer goods.
I purchased these Gucci shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue.
by oh no she didn't! July 12, 2005
A favoured choice for many Hollywood stars, Roberto Cavalli is a haute couture designer with a philosophy of standing out from the crowd--through the use of bright colours, abstract designs, and animal prints. Once considered quite "strange" and controversial amongst the fashion community, Cavalli is now a leader in the fashion industry, and his couture isn't afraid to flaunt it.
"Did you see how 'loud' and colourful that guy's shirt was?"

"Must have been a Cavalli."
by oh no she didn't! July 14, 2005
A fashion designer with a simple yet very obvious trademark: stand out. Pucci is known for his abstract, surrealist-like prints. A favourite amongst the Red Carpet crowd.
"That girl is sexy. That dress is sexy (maybe even sexier)."

"Must be Pucci."
by oh no she didn't! July 14, 2005
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