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A very small town in east texas.Fondly reffered to by younger natives as P-town. The population mainly consists of rednecks who listen to rap and pat green, drink beer, and smoke shit weed. There are two school's in P-town- Palestine ISD and Westwood ISD. The reasoning behind this has yet to be discovered. The highlights of P-town include a Wal-Mart supercenter, El-Torro's (a "mexican" food restaurant), over 100 churches, some prisons, the annual Hot Pepper Festival, Hard Hat Harry-everyone's favorite homeless guy, and Adrian Peterson. Most people will drive through this town sooner or later, so if you happen to come across it.. don't stop or get out of your car.
I hate Palestine.

Man, I really fucking hate Palestine!

I can't wait to get out of Palestine.

I love Palestine and I am also very stupid. That explains why.
by oh, you know who March 10, 2005

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