1 definition by oh, don't be jealous

An awesome private school is Ft Washington, PA. The kids are all very diverse and pretty damn intelligent. Not all the kids are filthy rich, many get scholarships there or their parents scrape by to get their kids a good education. Not everyone there is preppy, theres lot's of different types of people with different styles, yet basically everyone interacts with each other despite their differences. The kids at GA are really nice, and, sure... many smoke and drink ect, but theres always some kids in every school who party. Before you categorize everyone in a school based on one student, take a look at yourself and your school. Some kids may be spoiled, but there are also spoiled kids at public school who's parents are just too cheap to even pay for them to go to a better one. Ga kids are smart and atheletic...and it's kinda funny that GA is ranked one of the top 10 schools in the state.
Everyone who disses GA is just jealous they aren't getting a good education, jealous they don't even know how to spell, and jealous they can't even afford a "polo shirt".
by oh, don't be jealous January 24, 2005

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