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Originally calling from the streets of the Bronx, where black rappers would anally penetrate their girlfriends (see bitches, ho, slut, groupie) It became slang from 'shit on my nigger'.
Yo Bitch, yo the shizzle on my nizzle!
by OG Loc January 11, 2005
An impolite and unghetto way to tell someone to shut their yap or they'll be stole in the jaw. Typically effective, yet more so when a 't' is added to the end. (Shut Up T)
Alex: Yo, that girl is fly, I'ma gonna go get me some of that.

Adelyn: Shut-up, no girl wants your ugly ass self, your lucky you got me.
by og loc February 20, 2005
1. To buy and take drugs.
2. Bang a girl while high on drugs.
3. Punk someone then bang their girl.
Originates in the hood from OGs.
Hitalick my nig.
I hitalick on her last night.
You hitalicked his punk ass.
by OG Loc November 26, 2004
A Small underwater creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Is known to sexually molester snails, especially his pet snail, Gary. Often engages in the act of anal sex with his male friend Patrick Star, who is a starfish with a fuckin' IQ of 12. Overall, he is a homosexual sponge who is too fucked up for most of us heterosexuals to comprehend. Is also a TV Star and has his own movie.
Whoa! I never knew there was a 'Spongebob Takes It' gay porn movie! Thats disgusting!
by OG Loc January 11, 2005

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