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The fake "acrylic" nails you get done at a cheap nail salon, where there are rows of pedicure chairs and manicure tables next to each other, just like a sweatshop. You come in and they yell "PICK COLOR!" The manicurists go from one person to the next without break, breathing in all the chemicals. Your nails never cost more than $20-25 and are always done with unlabeled products.

These salons are usually located in a strip/mini mall with some cheesy name like New York Nails, Chan's Nails, or Spicy Nails. They are always run by Asians who look pissed to be there (usually Korean or Vietnamese), and you can just tell they are talking smack about you in their language. And there is always at least one man working there who creeps you out, who you hope you don't get.
Girl 1: Oooh where did you get your nails done girl?

Girl 2: Oh, you know, Diamond Nails.

Girl 1: They actually look pretty good for sweatshop nails

Girl 2: Yeah, but they totally butchered my cuticle with the drill.

Girl 1: You get what you pay for.
by offya December 21, 2011
When someone has been smoking weed for so long that their stoner haze doesn't wear off when their high wears down anymore. They are just that dumb/slow all the time.
Stoner while not high: Duuuuuude, where did you put the peanut butter???

Roommate 1: Uh, it's in your hand.

Stoner: Ohhhh yeahhhhh, huhuhhuhuhuhuh.

Roommate 2: (shakes head), man, he is smoked stupid. I remember back in the day when he used to be totally normal.

Roommate 1: Yeah. BEFORE college.
by offya December 21, 2011
Another word for semen. Also used by the rapper Pit Bull in his song Hotel Room Service: "oh, you're the healthy type, well, here goes some egg whites."
Girl 1: Remember that nasty scene from American Pie where she spits his egg whites into the water glass after giving him a BJ? SICK.

Girl 2: Yeah. But I've totally done it.

Girl 1: Yeah, me too. It's actually way more convenient than running to the bathroom to spit it out.

Girl 2: For sure. Gotta have that water glass on the nightstand!
by offya December 21, 2011
Another name for bad diarrhea. Especially if there is a lot of it and it comes out with a lot of force, causing you to bend over and strain a lot, almost like you are dry-heaving or about to barf. But you do it out your butt instead of your mouth. Butt barfing.
Man, what is up? I heard you in the bathroom and it sounded like a waterfall in the toilet?

Uhhhhh, sorry dude... I had major butt barf. Might not want to go in there for a while.
by offya December 21, 2011
When someone whines, complains, doesn't want to do anything and is being a general downer. This person is usually a guy who is acting like a wuss and wants to get out of something, or is refusing to do so because you hurt his little baby feelings.

Derived from: the word tampon, which is connected to a girl being on her period and her being bitchy due to PMS.
"But it's cold outside... we'll have to scrape the ice off the car... and there probably won't be anywhere to park anyways... and... why would I want to go with YOU anyway...."

"Whatever lazy ass, get over it! Quit being so tampy and let's go!"
by offya December 21, 2011
The plural form of yall/y'all, which is the comination of you + all.

It's the informal/redneck/country/hillbilly/Southern way to say you guys or all of you.
What do allyall wanna to do today?

Allyall ready to go?
by offya December 21, 2011
When you have hurt feelings and aren't over it yet. You are embarassed and holding a mini-grudge so you're in a bad mood and don't want to do or be around whomever butt hurt you.

Derived from: being kicked in the butt. It hurts, you are embarassed, so you grab your butt and run away to hide and sulk, not wanting to show your face for a while because you don't want anyone to make fun of you. Maybe you want to shed a little tear by yourself and have a pity party.
"Come on bro, let's play again"

You turn away, cross your arms. Pause. Say "yeah right" under your breath.

"Dude, quit being all butt hurt, I didn't mean it like that!"

by offya December 21, 2011
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