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2 definitions by offthewall

An individual who is a complete and total failure at life and worships ICP while attempting to be as unique as the other thousands of juggalos in today's world. Most cases of juggalos are a hybrid-cross between cult members and juvenile delinquents who have been devoid of proper attention for their entire childhoods. There may be an occasional rare exception, but don't be fooled. Any normal and semi-civilized juggalo you may find is a poser.
Bob: Wow, the juggalos started talking shit to me because I don't like ICP.

Ted: What did you do?

Bob: I called them a bunch of pussies, so they went home and cried.
by OffTheWall February 25, 2009
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(mah-kin out)

to kiss a partner passionately or what would be considered inappropriately in public (linked with PDA)

similarities to the meaning of making out however mackin' is considered to be early classic American slang
Jane: hey where's Shelley today?

Rachel: totally mackin' out with Martin behind the bleachers

Jane: ew
by offthewall February 27, 2012
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