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Public Safety - The private police force on a college campus. They deal with any crimes committed on the school property and often do not punish students as harshly as city police would.
Crimes on college campuses usually work on a strike system, where every student gets a certain number of strikes before any serious repercussions or report to city police result, unless the crime is a serious crime, in which case p.safe is required to report it to the city police.
Non-student visitors that are caught by p.safe committing crimes on campus are released to city police.

P.safe is also good for jump starting students' cars, giving kids with crutches rides, having a lost & found, and opening locked doors when you lose your keys.

Aka: p-safety, public safety, DPS (department of public safety)
dude, did you hear something? is that psafe?
don't be paranoid, that was a deer, not psafe.
by officer 420 March 05, 2011

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