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3 definitions by officecrew12

A move requiring quite a bit of flexibility and a lot of lettuce, the salad spinner is when the female party is of small proportions and can be spun easily whilst riding stick and formulating a tasty caesar, hold the anchovies.
"dude, last night I was craving a cassar salad, so my girl says to me "ever tried the salad spinner?", I replied "no, let's do it," then she spun me so hard I got caesar dressing all over my bed."
by Officecrew12 August 07, 2012
Similar to a camel toe, but is had by a dwarf with a fluffy flower happening.
The other night I was at the strip club when a small person climbed up on stage and I noticed that she was rocking a too-tight g-string and was suffering from severe hamster toe. Needless to say, I made it rain on that classy broad.
by Officecrew12 August 07, 2012
When you are gardening in a thong bikini and haven't trimmed your hair down there and it is entirely too overgrown.
"I was tending the roses this weekend when my pruning shears accidentally took of a huge section of my fluffy flowers!"
by officecrew12 August 07, 2012