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A ninja edit is an change made to a published post or article (typically on a bulletin board) that preempts the first response made. Often, the existence of the ninja edit is only made clear by a reference to the mistake or inconsistency in the original article by the response. In such a case, the author of the response began writing before the ninja edit, but submitted the response after the ninja edit had been made.

The phrase is made up of ninja, a much-revered warrior caste famed for their speed and agility, and edit, the process of changing a creative work.

The usefulness of ninja edits is typically hightened by bulletin boards that allow free editing of a post before any responses have been made, but make a mandatory note of any edits made after the first response has been made. Hence, if the author identifies the mistake, he or she must act quickly to rectify it before another poster replies.
Original post by X:
Hey! I had a really fun day today, I went to the beach with my boyfriend.

Y reads the original post.

X then edits the post to read:
Hey! I had a really fun day today, I went to the beach with my girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Y has written, and subsequently entered, the post:
HAHA! You have a boyfriend? j00r a fag!

Y then reads the edited original post, then enters the post:
Oh! Nice ninja edit!

In this case, the thread would read, to a party reading it at a later time:

X: Hey! I had a really fun day today, I went to the beach with my girlfriend.

Y: HAHA! You have a boyfriend? j00r a fag!

Y: Oh! Nice ninja edit!
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2006
"To get one's grub on"

To eat, to go about the process of eating, to make preparations for eating, to undertake action to bring about the prospect of eating. From the English slang grub meaning food.
You hungry man? Go get your grub on.

I'm starving man, I'm going to get my grub on.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
Used to indentify an acted interpretation of an activity usually portrayed through animation. This phrase grew out of the trend of using adult anime (or hentai) to show types of pornography too physically challenging or obscene to show using normal pornography (for example pornography involving tentacles, popularised in "La Blue Girl"). "live action" attempts to recreate these activities with real actors and actresses.
This site had live action La Blue Girl, it was totally disgusting.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
The act of a male inserting his penis into his own anus.
"There's nothing worse than those goatse pictures!"

"You think so? You obviously aren't acquainted with the art of autosodomy."
by Odiumjunkie April 23, 2005
"to slip the beef"

For a male to have sexual intercourse with another person, usually in the face of some sort of adversity, hence the surreptitious connotations of "slip".
Wow, that girl was pretty angry at you last night, did you get any?

Yeah, I slipped her the beef.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
Adjective; of or relating to the website Digg. Often used in a derogative sense, to imply that a story or article is hackneyed or old news. Commonly used on slashdot.
That story on "100 funiest tech support moments ever" is so diggsian.
by Odiumjunkie January 18, 2006
A variety of douche chill that centers upon an individual's failure to recognize the use of a meme, and the subsequent embarassment felt as people realize the individual's failure to recognize the meme.

Also, an exclamation used to show someone has failed to identify a meme.

B: I don't think caps lock is very cool. It's kind of annoying

A: meme chill
by Odiumjunkie June 21, 2007

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