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Things that are fun to suck on and play with.
* Odin sucks on the breast

* Odin licks the breast
by Odin December 08, 2002
CCW stands for Carrying a Concealed Weapon. The majority of States (33) in the USA allow citizens to apply for CCW permits, which normally applies to handguns.
You currently can't get a CCW permit in Illinois, but the NRA lobby has proposed a few bills this year to change that.
by Odin April 02, 2005
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.
I was raised Mormon, but now I am the biggest apostate in the state of Utah.
by Odin March 27, 2005
A total freaking mess
An unorganized disaster
Holy shit, what a goat-rope that was.
by Odin June 10, 2004
a new girlfriend of a friend or co-worker who is particularly nasty in temper or generaly un-agreeable.
You invited that bitch hog?! Damn it Mike!
by Odin May 25, 2004
A mrod uttered at the end of an arguement by the loser of the arguement.
Apollo is a god not a titan.
by Odin February 01, 2004
Friday Night Live
Epsiode 2 - Attack of the Male Pattern Baldness
A hilarous bunch of skits written by Big Johnny G, now if we could only get it filmed.
by Odin February 07, 2004

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