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Someone from the country Guyana located in South America. Guyanese people speak English, but a majority of them speak 'pigeon English' or broken down English.

As indentured servants by the British in 1930, Guyanese people come in different races. There are Black Guyanese, Indian Guyanese, Chinese Guyanese, White Guyanese and Ameridians (native to the country Guyana.) The culture and food of Guyanese people is usually close to there original ethnicity, but their culture and food is a unique mix of all these races.

Indian Guyanese, Chinese Guyanese and sometimes Black Guyanese are usually mistaken for there 'ethnic' counter parts. This is understandable since they are direct descendent. Guyanese music is usually a fusion of music from the different races that dominate Guyana. A majority of Guyanese people produce Chutney and Soca Music.
You know your Guyanese when.....
by ochre_goddess May 19, 2011

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