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Visine, or any other product for the deblazing of eyes.
Damn, my eyes are blazed, give me some white eye paint so we don't look like shit at this wedding.
by ocertain November 29, 2004
Where all ishees and commerces go to slave away their weekend. Sometimes they finagle a way to get their friends to come along, but mostly it's just them.
Man, I drove over by the ishee slave field this weekend, and there was commerce, sweating like a pig, picking cotton, and his mom was on the porch drinking lemonade in a white suit, and every time he'd slow down, she'd crack his ass with a whip.
by ocertain November 29, 2004
A bed, couch, or any other instrument for sleeping.
Bitch, get the fuck out of my deblazer, i need to sleep
by ocertain November 29, 2004
Noun- To remove the red from your eyes, using either white eye paint or a deblazer
Man, I am fucking beat, I was at Dream until 3 am last night, and now I have to be at work at the ishee slave field all motherfucking day. All I want to do is deblaze.
by ocertain November 29, 2004
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