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Comic series and now popular televison show on AMC created by Robert Kirkman. One of the best TV shows on the air today.
Person 1: Hey, did you see The Walking Dead last night?

Person 2: YES! I'm pretty pissed that my favorite character got eaten though.
by oceanic815 November 12, 2012
American comic book writer best known for writing The Walking Dead, which is now a popular TV series.
Person 1: Hey, who created The Walking Dead?

Person 2: That would be Robert Kirkman.
by oceanic815 November 12, 2012
Quite simply the best TV show ever created. It's about a group of survivors who crash land on a tropical island and face things like getting attacked by polar bears and "the Others". It's way better than it sounds. Aired for six seasons on ABC.
Person one: Did you see Lost last night?

Person two: HELL YES.
by oceanic815 November 13, 2012
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