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Derived from the Turkish word kurt kedi, which when translated means "wolf-pussy." Cassie is a negative person who thinks she's really cool even though she is not. She has a bad habit of talking to guys who already have girlfriends, eventhough that guy doesn't know what she is trying to do. A Cassie likes to hang around in a large group so she can be easily camoflauged. When seen out alone a person is immediately drawn to her lazy eye and crooked Central Incisors. If you ever run into this Cassie character you should run in the opposite direction as to not catch anything.
Did you see that girls photo on facebook? She was pulling a total Cassie; you couldn't see her left eye!

SO this Cassie was trying to talk to my boyfriend! That wolf pussy gots to go!
by ocanada20 December 13, 2011

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