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Probably the most liberal of the assorted private and parochial schools in Berks County. Holy Name's student body may not be as racially diverse as other schools, but the students tend to be very open to those different from them, especially when it comes to upperclassmen (i.e. laxers hang out with art kids during frees).

The school itself is a kind of place where it is really up to a student whether or not he/she wants to be challenged. The school environment is very much centered on the humanities, and graduates from Holy Name are usually accepted into the best colleges.

Many of Holy Name's students and alumni come from a wide array of different, yet prestigious, towns such as Wyomissing, Gladwyne, and Green Hills. This particular high school also happens to have a high number of students who come from wealthy, W.A.S.P.y families, resulting in jealousy and rivalry from other local private schools.

You know you see a Holy Name girl if...
1.) She is wearing either a pale yellow skirt with a Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, or Lacoste polo (Spring & Fall Uniform), or a plaid, pleated skirt with a white, yellow, or other boring colored oxford shirt (Winter Uniform).
2.) She is extremely tan, good looking, and wearing pearls in her ears.
3.) She is riding in sweet beamer.
4.) She is passed out drunk and trippin' in the basement of a guy 5 years older than her.

You know you see a Holy Name guy if...
1.) He is wearing navy (sometimes khaki) pants with a Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, or Lacoste polo (Spring & Fall Uniform), or navy pants with a white, yellow, or other blandly colored oxford shirt (Winter Uniform).
2.) He has the "shag hair", is playing lacrosse and/or football, and is surrounded by sluts.
3.) He is either driving or vandalizing someone's "sweet beamer".
4.) He is beer bonging, smoking pot, snorting coke, or popping speed in one of his "homie"s basements or backyard.
Drug Dealer : Man, I really need to sell this shit.
Man: Hey , I heard there's a Holy Name party tonight in Gladwyne .. those rich kids are ALWAYS up for a good time!
by obxguy August 31, 2005

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