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a polyporhpic word that can be used to express almost anything, though usually a positive exclamation.
how was that wave, man?
totally STATION, dude!
by obi1666 February 19, 2003
an archaic term meaning to either a) leave ones computer terminal unlocked and unattended, or b) let a usenet group know that someone has left their terminal unattended by posting a message proclaiming that they wear baggy pants.
sense a)
"I baggy-pantsed the other day (as i am a useless M$ windows user) and someone wiped out my work"

sense b) posted on a usenet group -
"hello my name is useless windows user and i waer baggy pants"
by obi1666 February 19, 2003
a provincial term used by surfies from the midnorth coast of nsw, australia with similar meaning slut or ugly slut
she's such a gronk i could punch her head in
by obi1666 February 21, 2003
slang for an ecstacy tablet
how much for an egg, $35?
by obi1666 February 21, 2003

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