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a term used to specifically replace the word; "nigga"; used to positively refer to someone of African decent. Coined by rapper Jim Jones on BET's 106 & Park, Nov. 6th of 2008; he stated that from now on, he would refer to his, "niggas" as his "obamas" in honor of U.S. President; Barack Obama.
Yes; we need a change. Those un-colored folks have stolen the word, "nigga" as they now refer to them selfs & other, "non-niggas" by it. Besides; the word, "nigga" is getting old anyways & un-colored folks appear to be the minorities now. Let's just call each other, "obama" or for a smoother feel; "bama".

Example 1; What up bama?
Example 2; Hell yea! That's my bama right there! He always cut for me.

*Please note; "obama" or "bama" MUST be used to refer to someone of AFRICAN decent & more IMPORTANTLY; in a POSITIVE way.

Here's an example of BAD useage of the term; "obama"; "bama".

Bad Example 1; Damn, that bama stole my j's. I just bought them ho's too.

by obama mama jama November 06, 2008

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