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Oakville is my home and while I go to school with some of the richest kids in this town, not everyone is like that. I love the O.C. and the majority of my wardrobe is abercrombie, but I don't live on lakeshore, I live in clearview, oh I'm sorry "the heights". My mom drives a mini-van not a mercedes, through my friends parents, and some of my friends do. Everyone loves starbucks, it's not just an Oakville thing; and we have a serious drug problem here. I go to OT and some of the stereotypes are true, but not all of them. The only people who say chate are the popular guys in my class who think it's cool, it's not. People need to calm down about Oakville if you live here great, if you don't get over it.
Oakville kid: OMG I loveeeee being soooo rich!
Missisauga kid: I wish i lived in oakville
Me: Oakville is just fine, calm down
by oakvillian January 17, 2013
slang originaing from the oakville region in canada. synonymous with virginity
"oh my god did you hear? john doe took jane's car keys !"
by Oakvillian April 06, 2006

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