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oakville is a suburban town located in ontario canada. it is really cool. there is a large population of teenagers here and they all like to shop at american eagle, hollister, and abercrombie and fitch. lacoste shirts are abundent. many watch the oc, laguna beach, greys anatomy and mtv in general. the boys are mostly goodlooking. not everyone is preppy however, there are also many skateboarders who are quite cool. and stoners as well. there are parties every weekend, drinking and getting high is not uncommon, however we arent a dirty-addicted to drugs town. cliques are common however you are still able to find some people who beneath all of the oakville idea have real personalities. the high schools here are cool.
oakville trafalger- hot musicians and skaters
abbey park- hot athletic preppy guys, a few good skaters
white oaks- we dont know
loyola- gangsters
iroquois- just..normal teenagers
blakelock- used to be rival to qep.

also, people think chate comes from here but some people...actually dont know what that means so we dont know about that.

there are many people who try to be gangsters however they are really stupid and people hate them...especially when they are white. and try be all g unit
hey we live in oakville..we are pretty nice
by oakvilleperson September 07, 2006
a word that describes something bad

people seem to think that this word is from oakville but no one here actually says it AT ALL
urban dictionary people: yo chate was made in oakville
oakville kid: no it wasnt. i dont even know what chate means
by oakvilleperson August 21, 2006

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