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1. A female the uses the promise of sex to manipulate and terrorize a man.
2. The woman in a relationship who 'wears the pants' and controls her boyfriend/husband. Control is usually achieved by way of the tactic listed above.

Friend 1 - "Man, Joel's girlfriend is a controlling bitch! She threatened to withhold sex if he came out to play poker tonight."
Friend 2 - "Yeah man, she's a goddamn Poon-Laden"
#bin-laden #poontang #bitch #girlfriend #milf
by oShun May 24, 2006
1. Describes a man who is especially skillfull in unravelling the female mind, and can secure, through clever negotiation, consistently attractive sex partners. Also known as a playa-pimp.
"Shit, Mark is a real vagina diplomat. DId you see the piece of ass he took home last night?"
#player #pimp #mac #player-pimp #stud
by oShun May 05, 2006
1. This occurs when a person walking around with a toddler riding 'horse-back' on his/her shoulders drops the baby. It is especially applicable in situations where the drop came about under humorous circumstances.

2. This term can also be used to describe the exchange of "toddler for ransom" in the case of kidnapping.
1. "Bob jerked violently when he felt his niece's poo run down his neck, thus resulting in a baby drop."

2. "The kidnappers instructed Tom to meet at the old Town Hall for the baby drop."
#poop #kidnapping #accident #spill #baby
by oShun April 30, 2006
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