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2 definitions by oOTeh tooth fairyOo

1. Indifference, total not caring

2. saying "me" in a cute way
1. "Whacha want?"

2. "Do you wuv meh? :3"
by oOTeh tooth fairyOo March 09, 2008
First off I would like to say emo is not emotional... it's something like emoite or something like that... a genre of music NOT like goth or sad or pansy stuff But, since the word has now come to mean that I will define the NEW term.
Emo is an adjective meaning goth but much less cool and more unnecessary hatefulness to yourself.

Ways to be emo:

1. Have an awesome life but make it seem like it sucks just so you can make people feel sorry for you.
(sadly the next one is how my idiot of a friend got turne)
2. Even though they know there life is great said to themselves one day,
"Emo is so cool! I wanna do it to!"
And thus the cycle begins....
3. Actually have a sucky life but are to much of a pansy to do anything about it.
4. Just love hurting them selfs because they're retarded.
Once they start it happens like this,
First they just wallowing in self pity until they finally brake and throw a sissy fit saying "You don't know anything about me or my bad life!"
Cry. (pansy)
Cut. (because there idiots... {non-wannabe: to mask the pain of there life with real pain})
finally at some point in there life {before they graduate collage) They either kill them selfs or realize how stupid they look and change there ways...
emo dude: My life is so sucky!
me: Good for you.....
emo dude: I mean no one understands me!
me: yea..... I don't either get over it...
emo dude: You just don't understand! :cry:
me: I really don't care.....
by oOTeh Tooth fairyOo March 19, 2008